Sophia Knightly  |  Contemporary Romance Author and Screenwriter

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HEART STEALER - Heartthrob Series Book #6

On a fateful wintry night, things aren't merry and bright…until a hero comes along. 

Once an incurable romantic, Ivy Parker knows it's all a fairy tale after being burned too many times before. After all, every man in her life has failed her. The jilted bridal shop owner is resigned to spending Christmas alone. 

But when a dangerous fire leaves her without a place to live, everything changes for Ivy. Suddenly a gorgeous, silver-eyed hero comes along and restores her faith in men. Living in close quarters with her strong protector, she can't deny her desire for him.  

Brilliant inventor Stone Tremayne avoids the public eye. He leaves the spotlight for his fame hungry movie star twin. Working straight through Christmas is all that is on Stone’s holiday list. But on his first meet-up date with Ivy, his anonymity is destroyed when he rescues her from a blazing fire. 

The fire isn't all that heats up this holiday season as Stone is captivated by Ivy’s radiant beauty and innate kindness. But can two shattered souls find the magic of Christmas before the New Year brings another crushing heartbreak?