Recent Release !   -  Scent of Love 

​Book 1 of Falcons in Love Series

Sometimes opposites attract in the most delicious ways...

He's hotter than a chili pepper. She's icy champagne. A combination ready to combust... 

All Gabe Falcon wants is to open a successful and trendy restaurant on the posh side of Naples, Florida.  What he doesn't expect is to get a glamorous and feisty neighbor who keeps him on his toes, challenging him at every turn.  

Upscale perfumer Lily Marlowe, just back from Paris, creates custom fragrances for Naples' elite. And the last thing she needs is the spicy aromas of Gabe's mouth-watering dishes overpowering her fragrances and turning away customers. But she doesn't expect her business rival to present her with a tempting proposition that makes her reserve falter. 

 The more she gets to know Gabe, the harder it is for Lily to distance herself. Their chemistry is explosive and as his tender pursuit breaks through her barriers, she grapples with an intense longing she is powerless to resist. Torn between her desire and her business, can Lily trust Gabe when the unimaginable occurs?

Grill Me, Baby - Book 1
Blame it on Romeo - Book 2 (previously Paging Dr. Hot)
Scent of Love - Book 3


Sophia Knightly  | Contemporary Romance Author

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