Sophia Knightly  | Contemporary Romance Author


        Falcons in Love Series - Book #2

He's a handsome millionaire grumpily avoiding the holidays.

She's a beautiful chef cheerfully celebrating them.

How will they survive living in close quarters?
Successful software developer Jake Radcliffe has no intention of staying in New York any longer than necessary. All he needs to do is help his widowed mother close her famed candy shop and move her to Florida before she breaks more bones on the icy sidewalks. He was prepared for his stubborn mother’s objections. What he wasn’t ready for was staying under the same roof with her tempting pastry chef.

Chef Pilar Falcon wants nothing to do with romance. Her ex-boyfriend made sure of that. Preparing for The Sweet Spot’s 25th anniversary gala occupies most of her free time. So, avoiding her boss’s grumpy and entirely too sexy son shouldn’t be a problem. Except … it is.

It’s not long before Jake realizes there’s more to Pilar than her endlessly cheerful holiday spirit—and Pilar takes notice of the warm heart Jake hides beneath his tough exterior. But then a rival for the business—and Jake’s heart— comes to the scene, testing Pilar’s newfound trust in love. Will Pilar and Jake’s Christmas romance melt by Valentine’s Day, or will it be as sweetly seductive as a mouthful of chocolate?